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IT Lead Feed provides a structured approach to lead generation. Taking your goals and preferences in mind, our qualified consultants will develop a lead generation plan that best suits your needs.

We personalize our services per client. We do not use a uniform approach when delivering our services. We keep it personalized and client-centered because no two companies will ever have the same exact marketing needs.

At IT Lead Feed, we conduct the following tasks to ensure that the information we compile results in useful information for our clients:

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  • Evaluates your company’s position in the competing marketplace
  • Confirms your company’s target market to customize the database
  • Identifies specific features of proprietary software application to be marketed
  • Develops specific call guide to maximize relevance of gained information
  • Categorize and deliver lead opportunities to your company on a daily basis
  • Emails collateral material to prospects when instructed by client

Benefits of Pre-Qualifying Your Sales Leads
With our help, you can enjoy the following advantages when you pre-qualify your sales leads:

  • Streamline your sales process
  • Minimize your cost per lead
  • Increase closing ratio of sales presentations and demos
  • Reduce costs associated with employing full-time marketing personnel

Customized Services
IT Lead Feed can assist you if you’re searching for new leads, lead qualification, appointment scheduling for demos, market research or other services tailored to meet your organization’s needs.

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